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Rosh Eden

Robert (Flip) & Sheryl Jenyns

Rosh Eden is located at the foot of the Border Ranges, seventeen kilometres South East of Rathdowney in the Running Creek Valley.

We moved here with our three children in 1982, but the garden didn't begin in earnest until 1992 when our two eldest leaving home gave us more time to garden.

There was never a grand plan for the garden. We like to think of it as a rambling country cottage garden, with a little bit of everything.

We experience the four seasons here at Rosh Eden - a beautiful Spring and Autumn, cool frosty Winters and hot humid Summers. Our greatest asset, worth more than gold, is Running Creek. Not only does it have great aesthetic value, but during the drought of previous years it never ran dry. With the addition of lots of mulch, were able to keep the garden going.

Garden Features

The jacaranda and silky oak trees at the pergola, the pecan nut and two avocados were the first trees we planted in 1982. In 1992, thirty Cupressocyparis leylandii 'Leighton's Green' were planted along the fence line to protect the garden from the strong South-Easterly winds which blow throughout the year.

Since 1992 we've planted many more trees, including ginkgos, flowering gums, bottle tree (Brachychiton rupestris), ice cream tree (Inga edulis), Dombeya 'Wallichii', chinese tallow (Sapium sebiferum), palms and more jacarandas.

The black bean tree (Castanospermum australe) on the knoll defines the edge of the old road and creek crossing and oversees the whole garden.

The pergola was constructed out of old bridge girders and fence palings. It was originally constructed as an outdoor BBQ area, but after finding out that begonias loved to grow in there, it has gradually filled up with plants.

The gardens have approximately 70 different roses. Some are the older Heritage roses (which we find do well here), some are Hybrid Teas and some are David Austin cultivars. There are also 180 different daylilies, a good selection michelias, camellias, salvias and many other perennials too numerous to list.

The Flood

In January 2008, over 30 inches of rain fell on the Lamington Plateau. This caused devastating flooding in the Kerry, Christmas Creek and Running Creek valleys. Although the Cupressocyparis windbreak acted as a barrier and protected our garden and home from a lot of the debris, our garden sustained extensive damage.

We were devastated, but when carloads of gardening friends arrived to help with the clean-up, they inspired us to rebuild our garden.

We decided to demolish some of the garden beds and remove and replace plants that we were not happy with. We are now almost back to where we were prior to the flood and extremely happy with our progress.

Visit Rosh Eden

Rosh Eden started as a hobby and a form of relaxation, but has become a great passion we love to share with others. We hope to see you when we next open our garden with Australia's Open Garden Scheme.
 - Robert (Flip) & Sheryl Jenyns


For the next Rosh Eden open garden dates, check the Events Diary on this website or consult the Australia's Open Garden Scheme guidebook.

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