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Looking for a Queensland supplier? This is an information-only website. However, if you're having trouble finding a supplier you can email an enquiry (include size/number of plants required and your approximate location if possible) and I might be able to direct you to a business that could help. If YOU sell plants or garden products/services, consider advertising.

Got gardening question? Unfortunately, personal advice for individuals' gardening problems can't be provided as a free service. However, be sure to check out Get Results Gardening and the Garden Ideas Service (see below).

Want to learn more about gardening? Get Results Gardening is a weekly email mini-magazine for Australians, with an emphasis on subtropical South East Queensland and Northern NSW. It covers easy to grow plants suitable for this region, plus gardening basics, trends, design concepts and news stories that will be of interest to home owners across the country. This high-quality information will also benefit garden professionals, Get a free trial now without obligation. See Get Results Gardening for more information.

Need more personalised help? If you're developing your yard and need some ideas and coaching specific to your own situation, tastes and lifestyle needs, consider the Garden Ideas Service. For a modest fee, get some direction that could save you a lot in plants, time and work for a superior result.

Need marketing help? If you're in the industry and need assistance with marketing a new release plant or product, advertising a nursery or promoting an event, please get in touch.


Content written for your advertisments, website, flyers, catalogues, blogs - from scratch or existing content edited and refreshed.
Your expertise or experiences turned into a book for future generations.
With extensive background knowledge, ideal for horticulture, agriculture and landscape-related fields.

Background research:

Information gathered on specific horticultural topics.

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