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Tree Troubles

A decision has been made on the fate of four Himalayan ash (Fraxinus griffithii) trees in the centre of Boonah. As non-native species with weedy qualities, they were slated for removal as part of the town's ongoing revitalisation project, but community concern put plans on hold while Scenic Rim Regional Council reviewed the issue. Subsequently, Council announced it will retain three of the trees, necessitating some adjustments to the original landscape design. It will also install a trap which will help prevent the trees' many winged seeds (and other trash) reaching the creeks, but at a cost of $100,000 plus ongoing maintenance. Sources: Council to review trees in Boonah town centre and Council makes decision on Boonah High Street trees (September 2020) Scroll down the page to find older news items and community links. If you're involved in gardening in the Beaudesert area have news to share, please get in touch.


Rosh Eden A notable garden of the region
Diversifying Land Use in Boonah Shire Greening Australia Queensland (Inc) (PDF)
Rathdowney district website
Swamp Tea-tree (Melaleuca irbyana) Forest of South-east Queensland Department of the Environment and Heritage, Australian Government (areas include Beaudesert & Boonah)

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Suburbs, towns and districts covered by this page include: Beaudesert, Boonah, Tamborine Mountain, Kalbar, Roadvale, Templin, Aratula, Fassifern Valley, Milford, Mount Alford, Tamrookum, Maroon, Rathdowney, Hillview, Tabooba, Laravale, Josephine, Canungra, Benoble, Wonglepong, Mt Tamborine, Tamborine Village, Jimboomba, Cedar Grove, Woodhill, Veresdale, Gleneagle, Bromelton.

Possible Misspellings: Tambourine Mountain, Bowdesert. Baeudesert, Beaudessert

Older News

Excellent vibrancy on the Scenic Rim

The Boonah, Beaudesert and Tamborine Mountain town centre master plans for have won an Australian Institute of Landscape Architects Award of Excellence in the Landscape Planning category. The project forms part of Scenic Rim Regional Council's Vibrant and Active Towns and Villages initiative. Boonah town square and the Village Greens at Tamborine Mountain are the next stages in the plan slated for commencement. Source: Town centre master plans judged Australia's best. (October 2017)

Tamborine Mountain plant thefts

Plants are being stolen from traffic islands in the Tamborine Mountain area. Scenic Rim Regional Council is asking the public to be on the lookout for suspicious activity. Residents seeing plants being stolen should call the police. Anyone with other information about the thefts should call the council on 5540 5111. Source: Plant Thefts Impact Mountain Landscape (April 2012)

Miners set sights on Scenic Rim
The natural values of the Mt Barney and Maroon areas, and the economy that rely on them, are now under threat from mining. More information at Keep The Scenic Rim Scenic.

Myrtle Rust spotted in Boonah
A single infected plant has been located on a private property (Myrtle Rust Confirmed in Boonah 10 March 2011) For more information on Mrytle Rust, visit

Gums should recover from caterpillar outbreak
Agri-Science Queensland has assured residents of the Boonah, Beaudesert, Lockyer Valley and Brisbane/Esk Valley regions that local gum trees attacked by a recent outbreak of caterpillars will recover. The gum leaf skeletoniser (Uraba lugens) can leave trees with a "bronzed" or "scorched" appearence. The large numbers have probably resulted from the weather conditions this winter and spring. Hotter temperatures should see numbers decrease. In the meantime, residents should avoid contact with the caterpillars, which can cause skin irritation. More from the DEEDI here: Caterpillar culprit of gum tree 'bronzing' (December, 2010)

Council promotes more farm trees in Scenic Rim
Graziers in the Scenic Rim Regional Council jurisdiction may wish to investigate trees and tree guards available through their Rural Trees Program. This initiative aims to promote the retention and replacement of shade trees which both provide shelter for livestock as well as habitat for wildlife. More information at the Council's website here: Rural Trees Program (September 2010)

Boonah tree is international film star
After a two-year search for just the right tree to feature in the film The Tree, a stunning fig in the SE Qld town of Boonah was cast in the role. The Tree has since been screened at the Cannes Film Festival and elsewhere. You can find out more at the website:

White Beech update
The project aimed at replenshing numbers of White Beech trees on Beechmont plateau has encountered a delay. Rains have stimulated vegetative growth instead of flowers from mature trees, interrupting plans for seed collection this year. However, it's hoped that seeds will be available for propagation next summer. For more information on the project, contact Beechmont District Landcare Association Inc.

White Beech returns to Beech Mountain
White Beech (Gmelina leichhardtii) will be appearing in greater numbers on the Beechmont plateau in future. It's hoped that seedlings raised in Beaudesert Shire Council's nursery from seed collected by Beechmont Landcare will be available to Beechmont residents by late 2009. The once-plentiful beech trees, from which Beechmont (formally Beech Mountain) gets its name, have been greatly diminished in number by past logging. Read more at the Council website: Putting the Beech back into Beechmont (PDF)

Guide to Natives of Beaudesert
Beaudesert Shire Council has produced a new booklet to help residents identify existing vegetation and plan new plantings on their properties. "Your Guide to the Common Plants of Beaudesert Shire" The free guide is available from the Customer Service Centres in Jimboomba, Beaudesert and Tamborine Mountain. More information from Beaudesert Shire Council HERE
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