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Bundaberg welcomes new nut

The Bulburin Nut (Macadamia jansenii) is a rare species of macadamia found only on one small area of Bulburin National Park near Gin Gin. As part of the Keeping Bulberin Nut Secure project, 40 trees are to be planted in Bundaberg Botanic Gardens. This species cannot be reproduced by seed and must be vegetatively propagated. The gardens already grows several of the original Macadamia species. Source: Source: Botanic Gardens goes nuts for macadamia conservation (June, 2018)

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Nursery & Parklands

87 Old Coach Road
Howard QLD 4659
Ph. (07) 4129 4470
Fax. (07) 4129 0130

Bamboo, Ginger and Heliconia specialised nursery featuring Australia's finest bamboo display gardens.

Consultation and expert advice available on planting and species selection to ensure the right species for your application. Australia's widest range of non-invasive clumping bamboos available at competitive prices for screens, windbreaks, garden ornamentals, timber and edible shoots.

Catering for customers from the small suburban garden right up to the commercial growers. Can ship to anywhere in Australia.

Based near Hervey Bay, QLD. Gardens and nursery open 7 days.

Refer to website for species selection and much more information.


231 Bargara Road,
Bundaberg, Qld 4670
Ph: (07) 4151 0530
Fax: (07) 4151 3493

Ulysses Nursery logo
Large range of grevilleas, natives, syzygiums, pond plants, cordylines, heliconias, gingers and ornamentals as well as the unusual.

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The International Tropical Foliage & Garden Society Inc. Active in Bundaberg & Gladstone areas
Kingaroy & Districts Branch Society for Growing Australian Plants Queensland Region, Inc.
Brian's Bonsai in Australia based in Bundaberg
Bourbong Street Weeping Figs, Bundaberg. Queensland Heritage Register, Environmental Protection Agency
Growing Daisies in Bundaberg Society for Growing Australian Plants Queensland Region, Inc.
Eucalyptus hallii Goodwood Gum. Society for Growing Australian Plants Queensland Region, Inc.
Eucalypts at Kingaroy Society for Growing Australian Plants Queensland Region, Inc.
Bunya Mountains - nature, culture and history Environmental Protection Agency, Qld Govt

Be sure to check your local council for information on local parks, watering restrictions, garden competitions, environmental issues etc within your city or shire.
North Burnett Regional Council Amalgamation of former Eidsvold, Monto, Mount Perry, Mundubbera, Gayndah and Biggenden shire councils.
South Burnett Regional Council Amalgamation of Kingaroy, Wondai, Murgon and Nanango shire councils
Pre-amalgamation websites (some may be no longer functional or redirect you to a new council if they have been amalgamated. Editor is still in process of updating all the council links):

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The area covered on this page also includes Childers, Monto, Hervey Bay, Fraser Island, Biggenden, Tiaro, Mundubbera, Gayndah, Nanango, Kingaroy, Bunya Mountains, Womdai, Murgon, Goomeri, Owanyilla, Mungar, Maaroom, Tuan, Brooweena, Dallamill, Eidsvold, Howard, Torbanlea, Buxton, Toogoom, Booyal, Woodgate, Goodwood, Cordalba, Wallaville, Gin Gin, Mount Perry, Elliott Heads, Bargara, Burnett Heads, Moore Park, Avondale, Bucca, Rosedale, Low Mead, Kalpower, Mungungo, Moonford, Mulgildie, Abercorn

Older News

Some older news which may still be of interest to residents of the Burnett region is retained below.
Nanning Garden redevelopment underway

The former Chinese Friendship Gardens in the Bundaberg Botanic Gardens is undergoing a makeover to better express the culture and garden aesthetics of sister city Nanning prefecture. After input from Nanning craftsmen and engineers the renamed Nanning Gardens will incorporate a traditional entryway and walkway bridge. Source: Work underway on redesign of Nanning Gardens (May 2017)

Please mow the footpath, asks Bundy council

Bundaberg Regional Council is urging residents to mow the own footpaths outside their own homes to keep Council maintenance costs down and improve the look of the region. Source: Footpath maintenace slashes Council costs (May 2014)

New floral emblem for Bundaberg

The Golden Penda has been selected as the Bundaberg region's floral emblem. Besides the attractiveness of the flowers and foliage, its ease of cultivation in the region's conditions and the suitability of the tree for both private and public spaces was taken into consideration when making the decision. Golden Penda blossoms as Region's Floral Emblem (March 2014)

Next generation for Isis Scrub hoop pine

Seeds from a survivor of the original Isis Scrub, a giant hoop pine 200 or more years old, have been collected so that seedlings can be planted in the Childers district as well as Bundaberg Botanic Gardens. Source: Relic from Isis Scrub gives new hope to rare Hoop Pine (January 2014)

Dial Before You Dig in Bundaberg

Bundaberg Regional Council have registered with Dial Before You Dig so that residents of the area can now use the service to find information about underground water and sewerage services. More information: Council partners with Dial Before You Dig (July 2013)

Mow it, says Bundaberg RC

Bundaberg Regional Council have issued a reminder to residents that don't clean up to their overgrown properties risk being charged contractor cost or fines. More at the council website: Excuses on overgrown land won't cut it with Council (March 2013)

Bundaberg public gardens vandalised

Vandals have attacked Buss Park Gardens, ripping more than 700 plants from beds in the central Bundaberg attraction. Council crews have salvaged as many plants as possible in replanting the beds. Police are investigating. Vandals attack Buss Park gardens (November 2012)

Fig trees nominated for heritage listing

Sunnyside, a historic former sugar plantation east of Bundaberg, is home to two weeping figs which have been nominated for state heritage listing. The trees were planted in front of the property's home in 1874. Sunnyside played an important part of Bundaberg's early sugar industry. A dry-rubble wall built by South Sea Island workers is already heritage listed. Submissions concerning the trees will be accepted until 8 August 2012. More at Sunnyside's fig trees nominated for heritage listing (July 2012)

Fraser Coast's Chinese garden well underway
Construction of the Chinese Gardens in the Hervey Bay Botanic Gardens is moving forward with a consignment of bricks, tiles and ornaments arriving from China. Garden designers and landscapers from Hervey Bay's sister city of Leshan have helped plan the garden, which will include a moon gate, water features, bridge and pavilion, but work will be completed be Council staff and local contractors. An Australian garden will be created in Leshan. Source: Building materials arrive for Chinese Garden (January 2012)

Tree plantings honour centenarians
Fraser Coast Regional Council is continuing to recognised its centenarian residents with ceremonial tree plantings celebrating their 100th birthday, a practice started by the former Maryborough City Council prior to amalgamation. The latest resident to be honoured is Moya Bowman, who will plant a Queensland Firewheel Tree (Stenocarpus sinuatus) in Tiaro Memorial Park. The plantings (which are complemented by a plaque with the centenarian's name and birth date) are arranged at the request of the families. Learn more at the Council's website: Centenarian Tree planting at Tiaro (November 2011)

Bourbong Street to become avenue of gold
A staged replacement of unsuitable trees along the Bourbong Street, Bundaberg centre median is schedules to begin mid-October. The existing trees including fig, camphor laurel, Bunya pine and hoop pine, are weeds specie or interfering with powerlines. They will be replaced with an avenue of golden penda. Source: Bourbong Street tree replacement project begins (October 2011)

Saving nuts is far from nutty
The Macadamia Conservation Trust and Bundaberg Regional Council are working together to help preserve endangered Macadamia with a planting of rainforest trees at Bundaberg Botanic Gardens. Four species will be planted: Macadamia integrifolia and Macadamia tetraphylla, which are quite well known, plus the rare Macadamia ternifolia and Macadamia jansenii. This will not only help preserve their gene pools, but educate the public about the threat to native macadamia populations. Source: Endangered macadamia species to be planted at Bundaberg Botanic Gardens (August 2011)

Bundaberg rain garden could be first of many
A bio-retention basin has been constructed to reduce runoff from Bagara Streetscape. Besides helping to protect Burkitts Reef from contaminated water, the "rain garden" provides urban green space and biodiversity. This is the first raingarden in the region, but Bundaberg Regional Council anticipates that more will be built in new developments. Source: First rain garden in region will benefit coastal environment (June 2011)

Trees to welcome visitors to Hervey Bay
As part of a planned entrance statement, Hervey Bay City Council have ordered to have 41 advanced figs trees. Grey water irrigation may be implimented as part of the project. Read more at the Council's website here: Avenue of figs at entrance to the Bay.(March 2007)
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