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Garden styles with an Islamic influence

Islamic Culture has inflenced landscapes in the North Africa, Spain and India as well as the Middle East. The celebrated Alhambra in Spain is one such landscape.

Many elements of Islamic garden could be adapted to Australian suburbia: The indoor/outdoor lifestyle, encloded spaces and deployment of water in an arid climate are key features that have much in common with today's gardens.

More information to come in future updates. Meanwhile, check out the links below for more ideas.


Horticultural history revealed in ancient Persian garden

The remains of a lavish garden have been uncovered on the site of Ramat Rahel, an ancient palace near Jerusalem. Its advanced irrigation system meant a wide variety of plants could be cultivated with collected rainwater alone. It has also allowed researchers to discover which species were grown. Pollen isolated from the site's soil is not preserved well enough, but grains trapped in the wet plaster used to repair the irrigation channels and pools during their working life can be identified. In addition to common local plants, many exotic species were found in the 400-500 year old plaster. They were probably imported by the Persian rulers from throughout the empire as a display of wealth and power. Eventually, the garden will be recreated for modern-day visitors. Read more at the American Friends of Tel Aviv University website: Fossilized Pollen Unlocks Secrets of Ancient Royal Garden (February 2012)


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