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Advertising: Directory Listing

By appearing on pages which are relevant to your product categories, you can be found by visitors searching for suppliers in those categories. To find those pages that could be most relevant to your business, browse the Site Map, try some test searches in popular search engines (see "A simple test" below") or get in simply phone or email to discuss your needs.

Your listing will appear indefinitely on the page(s) selected for a one-time payment!**

     Listing Fees (Current from May, 2015)
     One page/First page: $220
     Each additional page: $110

Above prices include GST. The price for multiple pages applies when taken at one time as a package. They also apply to similar services on The Australian Native Plant Pages and The Self Sufficiency Pages.

The general format for a typical listing is presented below. You can include (as appropriate): name, address, customer contact details, website link, descriptive text (approx 100 words), plus optional logo and/or small image (example below).


35 Osmosis Street,
Leafytown Qld 4###
Ph: (07) 3### ####

May also be linked to your website

May also be linked to your website
Come to Example Nursery for a wide selection of Australian native and exotic tropical plants. Our range includes ferns, palms, cordylines, bromeliads, ornamental gingers and many more.

We also stock a large selection of aquatic plants, ponds, water features, pots and garden ornaments.

Expert staff will help you select plants and provide advice on common garden problems. A garden design service is also available.

For more information visit the Example Nursery WEBSITE.

A directory listing gives you:
An internet presence if you don't have your own website. Read More...
Links to your website if you do have one. Read More...
Integration into webpage with simple HTML markup, including hyperlinks
Easy setup with little for you to do. Writing/editing of your listing is included at no extra charge. Read More...
Queensland emphasis, although the site is also visited from other parts of Australia and the world.
Personal service from someone familiar with the garden industry in Qld who knows and cares about about gardening.

Growers and Wholesalers: These websites are aimed at the home gardener in Qld. If you're a strictly trade-only supplier, you may nevertheless promote your brand or let retail concumers know where they can purchase yor products. See Premium Services below.

**Placement policy: New listings are usually added at the top of the list. This approach has been taken to balance the various interests of advertisers and visitors (a better user experience ultimately benefitting all advertisers). It gives each advertiser the opportunity to enjoy a period at or near the top of the listing, and reflects the higher prices usually paid for more recent addditions. For visitors, the advantage is that the freshest information tends to appear toward the top. It does mean that you may gradually move down the list as later advertisers are added, but the pages are presented in such a way to encourage vistors to browse through the whole list to find the vendor that best serves their needs. Directory listings, including links to your website, last indefinitely once paid for and represent excellent value for money. (Don't forget to notify the webmaster if your contact details or general product description need updating.) Nevertheless, if you require premium placement, this can be negotiated for an additional fee. However, the webmaster reserves the right to ultimately determine placement of all advertising and other content.

Other Advertising and Promotion Opportunities

How To Arrange a Directory Listing

IT'S EASY! Simply get in touch by phone or email to express your interest.

After consultation, the publisher can suggest suitable page(s) on which to list your business, or other advertising as appropriate. A draft text for the advertisement, based on your current brochure, website or other promotional material, is included in the price. It will be submitted to you for approval or editing before publication. You can write the text of the advertisement if you prefer.

Be sure that you're authorised to grant permission for use of any text or images, and for it to be edited if necessary.

Australian businesses only. To appear on the Queensland Gardening Pages, it's a requirement that your products are available for purchase by the public in Qld (may include interstate mail order and online stores).

Payment in Australian Dollars. Payment is by cheque, money order or electronic transfer. GST applies from 1st June 2007. (ABN 38 518 961 623). Please also read Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions, Privacy.

If you have any other questions, please get in touch.


If you would like to arrange advertising, or if you have any more questions, simply call or email:

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