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Simple text-based listing on the Queensland Gardening Events Diary are free. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, consider a featured listing.

The specifics may vary depending on the nature of each event, but in general your featured listings can include:

❍ Expanded and formatted descriptive text.

❍ Logos, theme imagery, speaker thumbnails, shots of venue etc, as appropriate.

❍ Possibility of linking directly to a PDF flyer for convenience of prospective visitors in addition to a link to the organisation's main website.

❍ Price includes editing and formating based on your materials (e.g. website content).

❍ Single fee includes inclusion in the diary for up to one year prior to the actual event.

❍ Of course, not all details are finalised that far out, so extra information these can be filled in as plans develop at no additional charge.


The Queensland Gardening Events Diary has been operating for many years but featured listings is a new service. The following introductory offer will only be available for listings confirmed on or before 30 April, 2017.

Listing for up to one year: $33.00 per event incl. GST (offer ends 30 April, 2017)

If you're organising an event later in the year or in early 2018, get in touch NOW to take advantage of this special price. Price WILL rise 1st May 2017 (new price to be announced closer to the deadline).

How To Arrange a Featured Listing in the Diary

❍ Simply get in touch by phone or email to express your interest. Include your website link or other promotional materials that may be relevant.

❍ If you have any questions or special requirements, don't hesitate to ask. Rates can be negotiated for multiple offerings or other special circumstances.

❍ If the event is suitable for inclusion on the page, and you confirm you want to proceed, you'll be invoiced via email and preparation of the listing can begin.

❍ The listing should be online 2-3 days after confirmation if necessary materials/permissions have been supplied. You'll be notified by email that your listing is online.

❍ Please complete payment within 10 days of posting.

❍ To update your listing with new information, simply notify the editor withthe necessary changes/additions.

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The same fee applies regardless of whether the listing is arranged one year or one month ahead of the event (apply early!). The fee is not refundable if the event is cancelled after payment is made, although the date can be changed. Payment in Australian Dollars by cheque or direct deposit. Includes GST (ABN 38 518 961 623). Listing may be deleted if payment is not received 10 days from time of posting.

Listings are usually arranged in order of occurrence based on the first day of the event, but this may be unsuitable for some types of events. The editor reserves the right to adjust placement for ease of use by page visitors and good exposure for all paying advertisers.

General website Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy also applies.

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