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Allamanda cathartica and other Allamanda species, hybrids & cultivars

Family: Apocynaceae

Allamandas are old favourites for subtropical gardens and worth a fresh look given the renewed need for tough plants that can withstand drought.

The most familiar are the yellow climbing (or scambling) types. Semi-shrubs and shrubs are also available, while new cultivars have expanded the colour range. One of the traditional yellow forms would certainly be appropriate for someone trying to recreate a traditional Queensland garden. Any colour would be an asset to a tropical garden.

Other species include:
A. schotii (=A. nerifolia)
A. violaceae (= A. blanchetii, A. purpurea)

Some of the cultivars currently available on the market are hybrids. Most Allamandas have a climbing habit, but modern hybrids like 'Cherry Ripe' can be trained as shrubs, especially if they have a little support.

Be aware that some Allamanda has weed potential in vulnerable areas (see links below). If you're unsure, check with relevant local authorities.

Where to buy Allamanda

Most general garden centres in sub/tropical parts of Qld will probably have some Allamanda for sale, although you may have to hunt around for some varieties.

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If you operate a nursery offering many types of Allamanda for sale in Qld, or stock rare or unusual types, please get in touch about advertising on this page. Information for advertisers

Allamandas in the landscape

Allamanda hendersonii  Allamanda hendersonii
Allamanda 'Hendersonii', commonly known as 'Brown Bud'. This is the most common variety seen around older gardens in brisbane (November 2012, Brisbane)

Allamanda Cherries Jubilee Allamanda Cherries Jubilee
Allamanda in a suburban Brisbane garden (March 2013), presumably the cultivar sold here as under the name Cherry Ripe

Double Allamanda (Acacia Ridge, Brisbane, January 2013)
Brisbane, January 2016 . It is not clear if the double cultivars referred to by various authorities as 'Floreoplena', 'Stansills's Double' and 'Halley's Comet' are different or simply different names for the same plant. This plant may be one (or all) of these. The flowers are smaller than the common It/they derive from Allamanda cathartica 'Williamsii' which is a single flower. However, the double is sometimes called 'Williamsii', too.

allamanda_williamsii allamanda_williamsii allamanda_williamsii
This appears to be the single Allamanda cathartica 'Williamsii' cultivar. Some of the buds have a faint brown coloration but not as intensely as as 'Hendersonii'. The flowers also have less coloration in the throasts and are smaller. (Brisbane, May 2013)

allamanda_neriifolia allamanda_neriifolia
Bush allamanda Allamanda neriifolia (synonym Allamanda schottii) starting to flower in spring (Brisbane, September 2013) forms a freestanding shrub rather than a vine. Another common name was oleander allamanda (Oleander being genus Nerium, hence the specific epithet meaning "foliage like Nerium")

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Possible misspellings: Alamanda cathartica, Allamanda cathcartica, Allamanda cathcartia



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