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My childhood love of plants led me to study Botany at the University of Queensland, where I obtained a Bachelor of Science. These studies gave me a thorough understanding of plant structure and function as well as the opportunity to take a variety of horticulturally-related subjects such as soil science, plant pathology, biochemistry, genetics and taxonomy.

Later, I also attended the Grovely campus of the Brisbane Institute of TAFE and received a Certificate III in Horticulture (Landscape). I have also achieved a Permaculture Design Certificate.

In the late 1990s, realising how poorly-served Queensland was in the gardening media of the time, I started a locally-produced gardening show on Brisbane community television. Unfortunately, the costs involved and the lack of support from the local nursery industry meant the show did not continue past the first few episodes.

With most television and printed publications originating in the southern states, however, I still believed there was a need for more information suited to tropical and subtropical climates and the plants that grow here, as well as locally-relevant news and events.

Then, as internet use became widespread, I realised that the web could be a medium for delivering such information to an even wider audience at much less cost. So, I began developing a website aimed at the Queensland gardener.

This started at, which still hosts most of the content. Later, was established as an alternative access point with additional content.

One of the services offered via the websites is a low-cost way for businesses selling plants and garden supplies and services to reach Queensland consumers. More than just supporting the site financially (although that is very important) such advertising is an important part of the sites' content because consumers are using the internet to locate goods and services. I personally handle inquiries from all over Australia seeking various plants and other items.

The latest major development is the Into Horticulture newsletter, which is aimed at those working in the garden landscape trade as well as the more knowledgeable home gardener.

Most of the content on the websites and newsletter are either either written by myself or collated and edited by me from contributed materials. I can apply the same high standard to your own advertising here or your own website, blogs, promotional materials or other special projects.

I also am very aware of the need to deliver value-for-money, especially in these times. I am able to keep my own costs down by learning to code and manage the websites. I have also learned to install and use Linux desktops. This operating system means I can take advantage of a fantastic range of free open source applications including web design, graphics and office software.

Let's work together to get Australia gardening!


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