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Flowering and fruiting issues

Sometimes plants won't flower, or flower poorly. In other cases, they produce plenty of flowers but fail to set fruit. This page will collect information that might help you figure out the cause of your problem.


How do you know if you're old enough (to flower)?

In the case of Alpine Rock Cress, it appears to be a running down of levels of a regulatory RNA molecule. Once it falls below a critical level, the plant can them respond to the cold stimulus required for flowering. Such a mechanism may prevent premature flowering, which would weaken the plant and jeopardize the chances of this perennial surviving to flower again. A similar mechanism appears to be operational in the relative Arabidopsis, but it can be overridden by favorable weather conditions. As an annual, seed set and not longevity is paramount. These findings could help in the research and breeding of other brassicas by reducing the generational times. Source: Flowering at the right age (June 2013)

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