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Who is this for?

Based in Brisbane, Queensland, this package is especially suited to residents of this state and other subtropical/tropical parts of Australia.

Perhaps you're a beginner and would like some direction as you start developing the property yourself, whether you're starting with a blank slate or have taken over an older garden.

If you're considering engaging a landscaper or gardening professional for further development, you might simply be looking for some ideas to discuss further with them.

Price Guide Current from 1 March, 2023

 • Preliminary assessment and notes:  Free, no obligation (more information below)
 • Small courtyard, entrance area, patio surround or similar:  $165 incl. GST
 • Typical suburban front yard or similar:  $220 incl. GST
 • Typical suburban back yard or similar:  $330 incl. GST
 • Backyard, front & sides of modern suburban yard:  $550 incl. GST

These prices are a guide only - get in touch (see below) with regard to your particular situation.
One year of Get Results Gardening
comes with every paid-for project
at no extra cost! (value $55 incl. GST)

Get Results Gardening is a weekly email mini-magazine with an SE Qld focus.

Reliable plants, fundamentals simply explained, achievable ideas, inspiration and motivation for a beautiful garden that compliments your house and makes your whole property more enjoyable to live in.

What do you get?

Each project is tailored to the owners' current garden situation, location, experience level, tastes, lifestyle, etc. There'll be an emphasis on plant selection and ways to keep costs down (including working with what you already have).

After discussion and analysis of your particular situation and needs (see below), you'll typically receive a report in electronic form that you can view like a website on your computer.

The paid report will typically contain (depending on the particulars of the project concerned):
 • Descriptive text
 • Diagrams and illustrations
 • Extra information about particular plants or other items
 • Links to other useful resources on the internet as appropriate

You will also receive a one-year subscription to Get Results Gardening at no extra cost (more information at right).

This service is intended as a cheap and flexible alternative to a garden design and will improve your gardening knowledge in the process.

Calyx Horticultural Services
ABN 38 518 961 623

Email an enquiry:

PO Box 220, Coopers Plains, QLD. 4108

What's the process?

1. Email an enquiry: Include your location, some photographs from various angles, and a brief description of your current garden. Any other information you can give at this stage is always helpful, such as desired style (e.g. tropical, cottage, native, contemporary) or other issues (e.g. need for privacy). This will help determine the nature of your situation and whether this service is suitable for you.

2. Preliminary assessment and notes: If suitable, you'll receive some initial thoughts and ideas about your garden within a few days, at no cost or obligation. This should give you a general impression of the way in which the project is likely to be developed, or highlight issues for further discussion, and help you decide whether you want to proceed with the paid service.

3. Payment: If you choose to proceed, you'll be asked for payment in advance. You can pay by direct bank deposit or by cheque. Details will be supplied on the tax invoice. (Prices include GST. ABN 38 518 961 623. Australia only. Please see other terms and conditions below.)

4. Developing the ideas: Each project is given a high degree of individual attention and the exact approach may vary depending on the particulars of your situation. There may be further questions or discussion via email throughout the process, if necessary.

5. Final report: The process will conclude with a report in HTML (website) format emailed to you. It's likely to take several weeks in total, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

Calyx Horticultural Services
ABN 38 518 961 623

Email an enquiry:

PO Box 220, Coopers Plains, QLD. 4108

Terms and Conditions
This service is only offered to customers located in Australia. Price includes GST. ABN 38518961623.
The upfront fee is not refundable if you change your mind or if you fail to communicate all necessary information or otherwise cooperate in order to reach a satisfactory conclusion within one year of receipt of payment.
Calyx Horticultural Services is not responsible for the way any idea or other information supplied is implemented by the customer. For your specific location and circumstances, it is up to you and/or your contractor(s) to determine the actual applicability, feasibility, safety and legality of any plant, product or service presented as an idea. This is not a consultancy or a design service. Please seek further professional advice or consult with relevant authorities as appropriate.
Intellectual property rights over original content, including the original component of drawings or lists, is retained by Calyx Horticultural Services. Any such content, modified or unmodified, may be used in other projects or published elsewhere by Calyx Horticultural Services, but may not be sold, published or otherwise reproduced by the client.
Identifying a supplier or any source of information does not imply recommendation or endorsement by Calyx Horticultural Services. Third-party products or services are the responsibility of the suppliers. Likewise, accuracy of content is the responsibility of the authors of publications such as books or other websites which might be referred to.
Calyx Horticultural Services general Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy also apply. To view, click here

Various individual pages extracted from some past projects
The whole project is presented as a series of html pages like a website, including navigation via clickable links. Links to more information on the web may also be provided as appropriate.

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