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Tetradenia riparia (Synonym Iboza riparia)

Other common names: Nutmeg Bush, Mochosma, Misty Plume Bush, Ginger Bush
Family: Lamiaceae

A cloud of pale mauve flowers is seen in winter. Male and female flowers occur on separate plants, with the male said to put on a more spectacular flowering display. The leaves are aromatic.

You are unlikely to find seeds on your plant unless it it a female with a male in close proximity. The normal method of propagation is by cuttings.

Tetradenia riparia  Tetradenia riparia

When these photographs were taken (July, 2013. Brisbane), I was unaware that there were male and female plants of this species. The purple-tipped anthers suggest this is a male (assuming they produce functional pollen). Next time I see this plant in flower, I'll be taking a closer look.

Tetradenia riparia  Tetradenia riparia

This overgrown old bush is a tangle of old wood and apart from cutting back to keep the path clear, has possibly never been pruned. Young shoots at the base, however, suggest it could tolerate a hard prune to reduce the size and produce a lusher shrub. Prune routinely after flowering. It's unlikely that this specimen receives any supplementary water or fertiliser, either.

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