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and Pachystachys

Family: Acanthaceae

The genus Justicia contains members previously classified under the genus names Beloperone and Jacobinia. The Shrimp Plant is one member of this group which will be familiar to many readers.

Pachystachys is very similar and may be confused with Justicia

Justicia brandegeana

Synonym Beloperone guttata. Shrimp Plant. Very easy to grow and drought tolerant. Rambling habit and ability to root where it touches the ground means it can easily take over a mixed bed. Can grow up through shrubs and smother them. Looks best with some shade. Reserve for a difficult spot where it can easy kept under control.

Justicia brandegeana  Justicia brandegeana
Justicia brandegeana yellow
Justicia brandegeana
More information online:
Justicia brandegeeana Missouri Botanical Garden

Justicia carnea

Soft-wooded shrubby plant. Plumes of pink or white flowers.

Justicia carnea
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Other Justicia

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Justicia betonica  Justicia betonica
Justicia betonica

Justicia brasiliana  Justicia brasiliana
Justicia brasiliana (synonyms Justicia nodosa, Dianthera nodosa)


Pachystachys coccinea
Pachystachys coccinea
Pachystachys lutea Missouri Botanical Garden
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Pachystachys lutea
Pachystachys lutea


Pretty In Pink (Dianthera nodosa 'Pretty in Pink'). At "Grow Me Instead", Australia
Dianthera nodosa, syn Justicia nodosa The Florez Nursery blog, NSW

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