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Promoting your website

Now that you've spent time and money setting up a website, how do you get people to visit?

Ways to promote your website could include:
-Add your website address to your busines cards, brouchures, print advertisements, outdoor signage, delivery truck etc.
-Submit your site to search engines and free directories (look for "submit a site" or "add your busines" links)
-Ask friends and associates to provide a link on their websites
-Purchase online advertising

Your focus might depend whether the website is mostly designed to service existing customers (e.g. to provide technical information, provide online ordering facilities or product updates) or whether you hope to use it to attract new customers to your business. Most small businesses would probably hope to do both
Note that a lot of traffic from people outside your target market is not particularly helpful, except in an indirect word-of-mouth and because some might link to you. Very large amounts of low-quality traffic may cost you more in hosting charges than it brings you in improved business.

Therefore the other websites that link to you should be ones your target market visit or be related to your topic. This can help by the direct traffic it generates (i.e. humans following the link).

You may read that the number of links from other websites will also help your search engine rankings. While this is accepted as generally true the type of link, ranking and subject matter of the site linking to you is thought to be important. Poor quality links may have no effect or even hurt you (remembering that the actual formula a SE uses at any one time is top secret). Generally, an ordinary hyperlink from an authoritative website is considered a good thing for helping your own.

Providing good content in text form on your site is also a form of promotion. For one thing, it provides a variety of keywords for people to search on. See See Common website problems.
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