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The Significance of Search

If you don't use the internet regularly, you might not realise how important and powerful "search" is.

"Search" is shorthand for the search function performed by search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, or If you're looking for information, you simply enter a few key words (keywords) or a key phrase into the search box. Click on the search button and within moments the results appear on the screen, ranked in order of relevance (according to whatever the ranking formula the search engine is using at that time).

The advantage to the consumer is speed, convenience and specificity. A consumer can - in theory - quickly locate particular products or services in a particular geographic area. They can then simply click through to any website of interest to learn more.

If it's your website they visit, you have the opportunity to present your services and contact information (much like a brochure) and turn them into a customer.

The important thing to remember is that for the majority of people use a search engine as their starting point when looking for anything on the internet. Don't you?

This presents an opportunity for vendors to promote a whole range of products or services in a way that would be impossible (or at least uneconomical) to do in other ways.

For example: you might be a landscape supply yard that sells ornamental wishing wells. If advertising such a low-volume item offline, you will need to put your advertisement in front of a lot of people to reach the few who might be interested in such a item at any one time.

The power of search helps people who are looking for such an item to actively seek you out.

The power of search can be exploited by large businesses wanting to make their full range or products available or small and micro businesses who simply can't afford to pay for mass advertising.

The challenge is to ensure that you are actually found by prospective customers. This is where seach engine ranking becomes crucial. (see Check your ranking)
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