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Modern Garden Marketing

News, ideas and opinion on marketing in the 21st Century for the Australian garden industry

Why have a website?

A website is the foundation of an online marketing stratgy for most businesses (See Why is marketing online important?).

Some busineses might sell products directly via their websites, but you don't have to have an online store for your business to benefit from a website. A website is a sort of virtual headquarters where to people can go for more information about your business, see pictures of your products, view a gallery of past work, get technical information and perhaps even view a demonstrational video. These can be delivered instantly, 24 hours a day, wherever people have an internet connection.

Meanwhile you avoid the cost of printing and distributing a printed catalogue. Also, you can update your website when necessary without having to use up all your brochures or wait for next edition of the phone book to come out.

You can aslo save on staff costs because your website should be able to provide basic information and answer common customer questions without the need for a phone call or visit. But if the potential customer does have further questions or wants to place an order, phone and email numbers for all appropriate staff members can be provided, and if the customers wants to visit, you can provide your street address, directions and a map. Try that in a telephone book advertisement (even a full page one).

What's more, people looking for products and services in your category can actively seek you online (see The Significance of Search) While it's not essential to have a website for new customers to find you (you might be included in online directories, for example) but an effective website will faciliate this greatly.

Other advantages include a professional look to printed material because you can add your website address to your contact details and you can use a more professional-looking email address than the one provided by your ISP (or free webmail address). Furthermore, if you change ISP you won't have to change all your stationary and notify all your business contacts.

As part of an online marketing strategy, however, getting your website set up is just the first step. See Is just having a website enough?.
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