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Modern Garden Marketing

News, ideas and opinion on marketing in the 21st Century for the Australian garden industry

Why is marketing online important?

As internet access expands we can expect the internet to play an increasing importance in everyday life. Mobile internet, for example, has proven very popular. The new National Broadband Network

However, people of all ages (including seniors) are regularly using the internet right now, and it has been become an essential tool in many homes as well as workplaces.

One of the things these people may be doing online is looking for goods and services.

In addition to the convenience and speed, a big advantage of the internet for those seeking goods and services is the potential to locate quite specific items (see The Significance of Search) in a way not matched by most other forms of media.

Furthermore, the potential customer can get more information, view pictures and perhaps even place an order from the vendor's website without the need to phone, visit or wait for a catalogue to be sent out in (with associated cost savings to the business).

Some may never consult a printed directory, newspaper or magazine if they can find a supplier (perhaps your competitor) online. Marketing online gives your business the chance to reach these potential customers.

While setting up a website will usually be a starting point (see Why have a website?), there's a little more to online marketing than just plonking something on the web and then wondering why it doesn't "work". Some simple online marketing hints for retail nurseries, landscapers and other garden businesses will be discussed in future articles.
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