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Mondo Grass and Liriope

Ophiopogon and Liriope species & cultivars

Family: Asparagaceae

Mondo grass has become very popular in recent years, for good reason. Mondo is an easy-to-grow and easy-care edging / groundcover with strappy grass-like leaves. Its adapatble to a variety of garden styles including contemporary, Japanese and Balinese/tropical.

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Where to buy Mondo Grass and Liriopes

Home gardeners are likely to find a selection of varieties on sale in their local garden centres, at least in all the warmer parts of the state.

If you're planning a big landscaping project, you may be looking for mondo in strips ideal for edging or planting between pavers. These may be harder to find.

If you supply such strips or special varieties of mono or liriope you may wish to advertise on this page. More information about advertising here.

More Information

Mondo is very versatile in the garden. It is very handy for producing sophisticated effects fast. If you really need an "instant landscape", look out for mondo sold as strips that can be laid as a continuous edging inminutes. If you're on a budget, however, a lot of garden can be covered by simply purchasing a few full pots, dividing up the clump and spacing them out. They will eventually grow and thicken up.

To keep it looking its best, it will need a little maintence: "comb" out dead leaves (work from underside of clump), remove plants which start to creep into garden bed, and thin out more drastically from time to time. A thick planting of mondo grass will resist many weeds, but beware of creeping weeds getting mixed up with your mondo grass, becasue they will be a headache to get rid of. This includes grasses invading from the lawn. Grassy-leaved weeds like Mullumbimby couch (Cyperus brevifolius) might not be noticed at first because they look similar, so be vigilant.

The most common types of mondo grass are the plain green form and the dwarf green form which is a little tidier and more suitable between pavers and edging narrow garden spaces. One downside of these mondograsses are their vey popularity. they have, perhaps, become a little "too common".

The "black mondo" (Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens') has very dark foliage but is very slow growing. Usually it will be grown as a feature or as an underplanting in patio pots etc. given the cost of planting en masse. There is also a variegated mondo.

Liriope is like a larger version of mondo grass. Note that there are some cultivars which form a neat clump but others which spread. There are also a range of foliage and flower variations amongst the varieties. It's hoped to bring you more information on cultivars in a future updates of this page. Meanwhile, check out the links below.

Furthermore, there are new selections of dianellas and lomandras recently on the market could also be substituted for mondo or lomandra where one is nterested in strappy-leaved groundcover.

More Online Informatiows

The following are for general information, research and ideas - some species or cultivars referred to in links may be unavailable in Australia or unsuitable for Queensland conditions
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