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The Australian Native Plant Pages
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Australian native nurseries

Most garden centres carry a selection of popular native plants. For a greater selection, you'll have to seek out a specialist native nursery. Also, look out for plant sales held by groups concerned with native plants or revegetation. (If you live in Queensland, check the Events Diary.)

This section is intended for native plant nurseries or other plant suppliers offering a good range of native plants for sale in Queensland. If you operate such a nursery, learn more about advertising on this site HERE.


Do you sell Australian native plants? This page will be devoted to nurseries offering native plants for sale within Australia, helping people looking for places to buy natives find suitable suppliers in an easily browsed and easily searched format. The style will be similar to the general Queensland Nursery Guide. For more information about advertising on this page (and elsewhere on the site) Click Here

Warning: collection, destruction, propagation, movement, sale or purchase of any Australian native plant (including seeds or spores) may be subject to laws and regulations. Be sure to check with appropriate authorities before engaging in these activities, even on private property. Other laws may also apply to the treatment and movement of plant or soil material (for example, to control the spread of weeds, pests and diseases.)


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