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Gympie's strategy for pandandus dieback

Gympie Regional Council have just announced their Leaf Hopper Integrated Pest Management Strategy, which will combine leaf stripping (to stop associated rot from spreading) and biocontrol with a parasitic wasp. Transplanting from areas where there is an abundance of young plants available will be done and a propagation program from collected seed is planned, too. Source: Council to protect Rainbow's Pandanus Palms, Gympie Regional Council. (February, 2019)

Cairns pandanus in the spotlight

The pandanus at the intersection of Shields and Sheridan Streets will become a feature at night as well as during the day, with the installation of temporary spotlights. More permanent lighting may be installed in the future, subject to funding. Source: Light to shine on pandanus tree (April 2011)

Where to buy Pandanus


Pandanus may be difficult to find in regular garden centres. Try a native plant specialist in areas where they grow natrurally.

Advanced specimens grown especially for upmarket landscaping works, might not be available to the general public and you may have to talk to a landscaper to obtain them.

Other Information Online

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Pandanus utilis Trees of Miami, Florida, USA
Potassium Deficiency in Screw Pine (Pandanus utilis) A photograhic illustration. NutDef Plant Nutrient Deficiency Database, University of Florida

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