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Family: Bignoniaceae

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Radermachera sinica

Commonly called China Doll in Australia. It is sold as a potted foliage plant but has the potential to grow into a huge tree if planted in the ground.
China Doll Production Guide (Radermachera sinica) University of Florida, USA
Radermachera sinica mediterranean climate gardening
Radermachera sinica Harold L. Lyon Arboretum Plant Profiles, University of Hawai`i at Manoa (PDF)
China Doll plant - Care Walter Reeves, Georgia
Radermachera sinica Botanical information at

Radermachera sp. Kunming

Sometimes also referred to as Radermachera 'Kunming'. The correct species designation is uncertain at the time of writing, but may be R. pierrei (synonym R. hainanensis). This shrub is being marketed by one wholesale nursery in Australia as Summerscent®. The attractive flowers are said to be fragrant.
The Kunming Tree Jasmine Pinecrest Garden Guy blog

Summerscent™ growing in Brisbane. Main photo taken just 13 months later than the inset.

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