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Indian Hawthorn

Synonyms: sometimes spelled Raphiolepis
Family: Rosaceae

Most types available in Australia are cultivars or hybrids of R. indica or R. x delacourii.

Rhaphiolepis complients a traditional style garden. The old R. indica variety can reach almost the size of a small tree with sufficient age, but can be readily controlled by pruning. Newer selections tend to be more naturally compact, and come in a range of flower colours in whites and pinks.

Berry-producing cultivars are frowned on in Queensland these days, for fear of them being spread by birds and becoming weeds. Trim immediately after flowering to prevent berry formation, or select a sterile cultivar.

More information to come in future updates. Meanwhile, if you're looking for information on Rhaphiolepis, see links section below.

Where to buy Rhaphiolepis

You have a good chance of finding at least one cultivar of Raphiolepsis in garden centres throughout most of Qld.

Rhaphiolepis in the Landscape

rhaphiolepis_berries rhaphiolepis_berries
rhaphiolepis_berries rhaphiolepis_berries
rhaphiolepis berries
The common old Rhaphiolepis, as seen in Brisbane. Flowering season is late August/September.

pink-flowered cultivar pink-flowered cultivar
A pink-flowered cultivar, possibly 'Apple Blossom' (Brisbane, early September, 2016)

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Possible misspellings: Raphiolepsis, Rhaphiolepsis



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