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Rondeletia species, hybrids and cultivars

Family: Rubiaceae

Rondeletia is a genus of shrubs that isn't seen as often in Queensland gardens as they perhaps could be. Rondeletia amoena is probably the most common, particularly in older gardens. R. odorata and R. leucophylla may sometimes been seen for sale in garden centres.

Where to buy Rondeletia

You might occasionally find Rondeletia species in regular garden centres, but they in may be difficult to find.

One of the purposes of this page is to present advertisers offering Rondeletia for sale in Qld. Unfortunately, there aren't any such businesses listed here yet. If you're having trouble locating a supplier, the editor is interested in hearing from you. Click here: Looking for a Supplier

More Online Information

Rondeletia amoena

Rhodeletia (Rondeletia amoena) Waterwise Plant Selector, Dept Natural Resources and Mines, Qld
Rondeletia amoena post at Jardim Formoso (blog)
Rondeletia amoena The Florez Nursery blog, NSW
rondeletia_amoena rondeletia_amoena
Rondeletia amoena Brisbane, Ocober 2016.

Arachnothryx leucophylla

Previously classified as Rondeletia leucophylla.
Arachnothryx leucophylla Planchon National Parks Board, Singapore
Arachnothryx leucophylla (Rubiaceae) National Tropical Botanical Garden, USA
Rondeletia leucophylla Panama-Rose. Online Manual of Subtropical Landscaping Plants, Palm Beach Community College, Florida
Rondeletia leucophylla, Panama Rose The Florez Nursery blog, NSW
Bush Pentas or Rondeletia Leucophylla post at Typicalgardener's Blog, Malaysia
arachnothryx leucophylla arachnothryx leucophylla
Arachnothryx leucophylla Brisbane, July 2016

Rondeletia odorata

Fragrant Panama Rose Rondeletia odorata. Flowers of India

Possible mispellings: Rhondaletia, Rhondeletia, rondaletia



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