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Drunken Parrot Tree

Schotia brachypetala

Family: Fabaceae

More to come in future updates. meanwhile, if you're looking for information on Schotia, see links section below.

More Online Information

Schotia brachypetala Sond. South African National Biodiversity Institute
Schotia brachypetala Kumbula Nursery, South Africa
Schotia brachypetala National Arboretum Canberra
Schotia brachypetala (PDF) at the Australian Weeds and Livestock website, NSW (discusses toxicity of weeds and other plants to animals)
Schotia brachypetala Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust, Sydney
Schotia brachypetala Sond. Flora of Zimbabwe
Weeping Boer Bean Schotia brachypetala. Kruger National Park - South Africa Safari and Lodging Guide
Schotia brachypetala University of Pretoria Manie van der Schijff Botanical Garden, South Africa
Schotia afra Manie Van Der Schijf Botanical Garden, University of Pretoria, South Africa
Macadamia nutborer in lychees (Cryptophlebia ombrodelta) Schotia is an alternative host. Dept of Primary Industries and Fisheries, Queensland



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