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Floral enticements boost mango pollination

The relative unattractiveness of mango flowers to pollinating insects is a limitation to fruit production. Studies in South Africa have shown that small patches of wildflowers in non-productive areas of large farms could be a low-cost way to improve this situation. Further work is required to optimise the size and species composition of such patches. Pesticide management is also likely to influence the effectiveness of such measures. Source: Small patches of native plants help boost pollination services in large farms (December 2012)


The following links have been provided for general information. The particulars of growing these crops successfully will vary depending on your location and other circumstances, especially with respect to pests and diseases and their treatment. If in doubt, check with local authorities for current information on permissable pesticides, and always follow directions on the label of any products you may purchase. (see also Pests and Diseases).

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Potassium Deficiency in Mango (Mangifera indica) A photograhic illustration. University of Florida NutDef Plant Nutrient Deficiency Database
What causes green, ripe mangoes? Dept Primary Industries & Fisheries, Qld
Insect Pollination Of Cultivated Crop Plants (See Chapter 5 for mangoes) Handbook available online at Agricultural Research Service, USA website (PDF)

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No space? If you have little or no space to garden, you might like to investigate the Landshare Australia scheme, in which others who have land but not the ability or time to garden share with others who do. Community Gardens are another option.

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