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The editor is interested in hearing from others who have links or other information related to plants, gardening, landscaping and environment in Queensland, or related to tropical or subtropical gardening in other parts of the world.

However, please read the following first:

Hobbyists, Clubs, Societies, Charities, & other Non-profit organisations:

Please send in your links, news, events or similar material to help publicise your activities. It will be considered for publication, free of charge. Contact.

Advertising for nurseries and other commercial enterprises:

Businesses selling gardening-related goods and services in or to Queensland may advertise on appropriate pages at very low cost. Of course, your advertisement will link to your own website.

This site already does much unpaid work supporting the garden industry in Queensland through general dissemination of information, free publicity of events, handling enquiries from the public, etc. Please support this site and promote your garden-related business through paid advertising.

For more information (including prices) go to: Advertising

Events Diary:

Listing in the Events Diary is FREE. You can publicise shows, open days, grand openings, demonstrations, workshops, seminars, bus trips, tours, book launches etc. with a plant/gardening theme that are relevant to Queensland residents.

Non-profits AND commercial organisations (nursery and garden industry, events promoters, publishers etc) may all list there for free.

Don't leave it until the week before the event! Notification as far in advance as possible is suggested. This will give more visitors an opportunity to view your information, and a greater chance for it to be indexed by search engines. Dates a year or more ahead will be posted. You can add more details closer to the event if you wish. Don't forget a link to your website!

More information on the page: Events Diary

News items:

You are also welcome to send in your media releases and other news items that may be of interest to gardeners in Qld. If suitable, they'll be considered for use on this site or the companion website Again, don't forget a website link if appropriate. Any material submitted may be edited.
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