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Polynesian & Pacific Island Theme

See also the Balinese Garden page which includes a directory of vendors selling such items as thatched huts, bamboo screening etc. and links to other speciality pages which might help you create your island-look garden.

For other variations on a tropical theme, see Tropical Garden Ideas

This page contains links to background information which might help people looking to develop a style influenced in particular by Polynesian culture and the Pacific islands in general.

South Sea Islands precinct Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens, Queensland
Flowers and Hibiscus in Tahiti Scroll down the page to find this article at the International Hibiscus Society website
Tales and Truths of the South Pacific A description of floral customs at the Human Flower Project blog
Forster Collection Pacific art and culture at the Pitt Rivers Museum, UK
Traditional Tree Initiative Species for Pacific Island agroforestry
Agroforestry in the Pacific Islands: Systems for Sustainability United Nations University Press. The Appendix contains notes on traditional uses of many species
Hapu'u (Hawaiian Tree Fern) University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA (PDF)
Moorea Digital Flora Project The island of Moorea, French Polynesia
Landsendt A subtropical resort-style garden in New Zealand, at Gardens to Visit (NZ)

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