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For businesses supplying plants and other gardening goods and services to the public in Qld.

The importance of online marketing is no longer a matter for debate. But where do you start?

No website?

The core of your online presence is usually your own website with your own domain name.

But maybe you're a new business that's still working on their website, or can't afford to have one designed for you. Could a prospective customer using a search engine to find products/services in your category easily find you?

Website hard to find?

Some businesses take advantage of free services like blogs and social networking, to promote their business, but how well can you be found by a prospective customer using a search engine? Even regular websites can rank poorly if they've been badly designed or have few links (more about ranking, traffic and the importance of links here).

Listing at

Listing at is a way for prospective customers to discover you online even if you don't have a website or other web presence.

A directory listing includes contact details, a description of your products or services, and a small logo or other image if you wish. So, prospective customers can get a good idea of the products or services you have to offer, plus a way of contacting you.

When you're ready, links to your website (or a page at another website, Facebook page or blog) can be added later at no extra charge. In the meantime you have a way of reaching potential customers online.

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