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on, the companion website or the Get Results Gardening email publication:

  • Basic listings in the Events Diary are free (for more impact, consider a Featured Listing). If you're hosting a workshop, seminar or garden show in Queensland, send in your details. Listing can include a link your website.

  • News items, if of a public-interest nature and related to plants or gardening (e.g. a nursery sponsoring a community project). Send in your press releases.

  • Send the editor your brochures, price lists or product factsheets to keep on file. This will assist with locating suppliers for clients or when individually handling "where can I buy" type enquiries received from website visitors.

  • Original articles or photographs that are suitable for illustrating gardening articles may be submitted for use on the websites and/or Get Results Gardening. If published, they'll be accompanied by appropriate acknowledgement and link to your website, if you have one.

  • Community groups, clubs, charities, hobby websites etc can also submit links to their websites for inclusion on the Clubs and Societies page and/or the "More Resources" sections of relevant subject pages. See Link Submission for more information.

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Consider a paid listing (which includes contact details, descriptive text and link) on the appropriate subject pages if you're serious about promoting your business. MORE INFORMATION

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