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African Violet

and other Gesneriaceae

African Violets (Saintpaulia ionantha) are mostly grown indoors, even in South East Queensland. They can be a little challenging to grow and to flower, but success will be very rewarding of those who try them. Check out the links for more tips about these classic potted plants.

Other Information Online

Please Note: the following links have been provided for general information. Some of the species or varieties mentioned in international publications might not be available in Australia.
African Violets from Aggie Horticulture Texas A&M University, USA
How to keep your African violets healthy Extension Service Garden Hints, Oregon State University
Growing African Violets University of Illinois Extension
African Violet Ramblings Blog, Minnesota, USA
African Violet Production Guide University of Florida, USA
Root and Crown Rot of African Violets Iowa State University of Science and Technology
Cold Water Damage on African Violet Purdue Plant and Pest Diagnostic Laboratory

Gesneriaceae Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Streptocarpus sp. Cape Primrose Cal's Plant of the Week, University of Oklahoma

Lipstick Plant-- Aeschynanthus radicans University of Illinois Extension
Lipstick Plant Production Guide (Aeschynanthus pulcher) University of Florida, USA
Aeschynanthus lobbianus Lipstick vine. Flowers of India
Aeschynanthus sikkimensis Sikkim Blushwort. Flowers of India

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