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Aptenia cordifolia

species, hybrids and cultivars

Other Common Names: Aptenia, Baby Sun Rose, Red Apple
Synonyms: Mesembryantheum cordifolium X haeckelianum
Family: Aizoaceae


This plant is usually sold as Aptenia cordifolia (now Mesembryanthemum cordifolium), but the true species has purple flowers and slightly different foliage compared to the widely available 'Red Apple' variety. That's actually a hybrid, the parent species being M. cordifolium and M. haeckelianum.

This succulent groundcover is becoming very popular. It could be used as a lawn substitute provided you don't need to walk on it. There is variety with a variegated leaf but has same pink-red flowers. It would be better for containers and ornamental garden beds.

It does have some weed potential.

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Aptenia in the Landscape

These photographs were taken in Brisbane. They're intended to show how the plant looks in landscape situations, which might help you decide how to use it in your garden. Click for larger images.

Aptenia cordifolia Aptenia cordifolia Aptenia cordifolia
Aptenia cordifolia Aptenia cordifolia
Aptenia cordifolia

Aptenia cordifolia variegated Aptenia cordifolia variegated Aptenia cordifolia variegated
Aptenia cordifolia variegated Aptenia cordifolia variegated
Variegated Aptenia cordifolia

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