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Aspidistra elatior

Other Common Names: Cast Iron Plant
Family: Asparagaceae

A great container plant for indoors or heavily shaded places (ideal for the novice gardener), surviving easily outdoors in South East Queensland. It's tolerance of low light and drought is legendary, but of course a little attention now and again will keep it looking its best.

It's popularity in times past make it suitable for a heritage house and garden. The Aspidistra has perhaps been somewhat under-appreciated in the more recently but, like many of the old favourites, it's bound to be taken up by landscapers looking for something reliable for dry and dark corners. The elegant and bold leaf form would not look out of place in a tropical or modern style of garden.

A variegated form is quite widely available, but watch out for reversion to plain green. Discard the all-green or mostly green pieces when dividing or repotting to maintain variegation.

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Aspidistra in the Landscape

There are plenty of pictures out there illustrating of Aspidistra as an indoor plant. Following are some images of it growing outdoors in Queensland, including in the ground. This may help you understand the growth habit and planting ideas for aspidistra in subtropical gardens. Click for larger images.

aspidistra aspidistra aspidistra
aspidistra aspidistra aspidistra

More images will be added over time. However, due to the decline of online advertising and the rise of content appropriation by AI bots, there won't be much more written information about aspidistras added here in the foreseeable future. High quality content is now being saved for the email publication Get Results Gardening. if you live in Australia and would like to see a copy of the 06-10-2023 edition, which contained an article about Aspidistra elatior, ask for it in the body of your email message when you request a free trial. More information here:

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