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Family: Acanthaceae

Various groundcovers and sub-shrubs for warm climates. Over time, pictures will be added to this page as they are collected.

Pseuderanthemum 'Purple Dazzler' is sometimes incorrectly labelled as Barleria 'Purple Dazzler'

Barelia cristata

Barelia cristata White Barelia cristata White Barelia cristata White
Barelia cristata white form

More Online Information

Short-Day Shrubs for Fall and Winter Color (notes on Barleria cristata) University of Florida (PDF)
Philippine Violet white (Barleria cristata) at Flowers of India
Coral Bells (Barleria repens) At "Grow Me Instead" (an Australian website informing gardeners about invasive ornamentals and safer alternatives)
Red Barleria (Barleria repens) at Flowers of India
Purple Gem or Purple Dazzler (Barleria obtusa 'Purple Gem') At "Grow Me Instead" (an Australian website informing gardeners about safer alternatives to invasive ornamentals)

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