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Family:  Phyllanthaceae (formerly included in Euphorbiaceae)

Breynia in the Landscape

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Breynia nivosa Rosea Picta Breynia nivosa Rosea Picta
Breynia nivosa 'Rosea Picta'

Other Information Online

Breynia disticha

A species that originates in the Pacific Islands
Synonym Breynia nivosa
Snow-on-the-Mountain, Snow-Bush Online Manual of Subtropical Landscaping Plants, Palm Beach Community College, Florida
Breynia nivosa 'Roseo-picta' Confetti Bush The Florez Nursery blog, NSW
Breynia nivosa Missouri Botanical Garden
Breynia disticha University of Florida (PDF)
Snow Bush Breynia nivosa var. roseo-picta. Hilo Zoo, Hawaii
The Genus Breynia Gardening in the Coastal Southeast, Florida

Breynia oblongifolia

An Australian native species
Breynia oblongifolia Muell.Arg. PlantNET, National Herbarium of NSW
Breynia oblongifolia Habitat Network
Breynia oblongifolia - BreyniaNorthern Beaches and Hawks Nest Herbarium
Breynia oblongifolia Noosa’s Native Plants


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