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Family: Fabaceae (syn. Leguminosae)

There are a number of tough, easy to-grow members of this genus that are suitable for gardens in hot climates. Long cane-line growth, divided leaflets and pom-pom style flowers are key characteristics.

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Calliandra in the Landscape

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Calliandra surinamensis Calliandra surinamensis Calliandra surinamensis
Calliandra surinamensis Calliandra surinamensis Calliandra surinamensis
Calliandra surinamensis

Calliandra_haematocephala Calliandra_haematocephala Calliandra_haematocephala
Calliandra haematocephala flowers Calliandra haematocephala shrub
Calliandra_haematocephala Calliandra_haematocephala
Calliandra haematocephala

Calliandra_haematocephala Calliandra haematocephala hedge Calliandra haematocephala hedge detail
Calliandra haematocephala cut into a formal hedge. It is not an ideal species for this purpose

Calliandra haematocephala cut back where it could be easily reached and left to grow naturally above. Loosely trimmed on this scale it could serve as an informal screen, but note loss of flowers

probably Calliandra rosea probably Calliandra rosea
Calliandra haematocephala flower and stem Calliandra haematocephala tree
These might be the C. haematocephala X C. surinamensis hybrid sold as 'Rosea'. it has a reputation as being a bit weedy.

probably Calliandra californica probably Calliandra californica
These might be Calliandra californica

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