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Climbing Frangipani

Chonemorpha fragans

Other Common Names: Frangipani Vine
Family: Apocynaceae

This vigorous vine is commonly known as "Climbing Frangipani" or "Frangipani Vine". Although it does belong to the same family, it's not a true frangipani (Plumeria species).

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Where to buy Climbing Frangipani


A few garden centres might stock these plants, although you may have to hunt around. If you operate a nursery (including online and mail order nurseries) that offers these plants for sale in Qld, please get in touch for information about advertising on this site.

Climbing Frangipani in the Landscape

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conemorpha_fragrans conemorpha_fragrans conemorpha_fragrans
conemorpha_fragrans conemorpha_fragrans

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Possible Misspelling: Climbing Frangipanni

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