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Crinum Lily, Swamp Lily

Family: Amaryllidaceae

The clumping leaves of crinums add foliage interest to the garden even when they aren't in flower.

There are native and exotic species available.

Unfortunately, the spread of the destructive crinum caterpillar now makes growing these otherwise hardy plants problematic.

Where to buy Crinum Lillies


Crinums can sometimes be found in regular garden centres and even in chain stores (as packaged bulbs), but for a greater selection, try specialised bulb suppliers.

Crinums in the Landscape

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crinum  crinum  crinum
Crinum species

Spodoptera picta  Spodoptera picta  Spodoptera picta
Spodoptera picta  Spodoptera picta
Spodoptera picta on crinum

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Please note that some varieties referred to in links might not be readily available in Australia. The links have bene included for background information and research purposes
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