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Dais cotinifolia

Pompom Tree

Family: Thymelaeaceae

More information on Dais cotinifolia to come in future updates. Meanwhile, check the links section below.

More Online Information

Dais cotinifolia L. South African National Biodiversity Institute
Dais cotinifolia Kumbula Nursery, South Africa
"Pompom Tree" Dais cotinifolia L. Mount Tomah Botanic Garden, NSW
Dais cotinifolia Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney
Pompom (or Pompon) Tree (Dais cotinifolia) Online Manual of Subtropical Landscaping Plants, Palm Beach Community College, Florida
A Guide to Planting an African-American/African Focused Yard in Miami-Dade County (includes notes on Dais cotinifolia) University of Florida (PDF)
Adding day time fragrance to your Miami-Dade landscape See notes on Dais cotonifolia Univ. Florida (PDF)
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