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Duranta erecta and cultivars

Synonym: Duranta repens
Family: Verbenaceae

Overseas, this genus is known by common names including skyflower, pigeonberry and golden dewdrops, but here is is better known by its generic name Duranta or by the trade name of popular cultivars.

These are very common around South East Queensland. The golden-leaved form Duranta erecta aurea (often sold as Sheena's Gold®) becoming particularly popular for hedging.

'Geisha Girl' is another form which has become popular for its flowers of intense blue with white-edges and easy growth. Several other varieties with variations in flowercolour, foliage colour or growth habit have been put on the market without the

Older forms include green leaves with light blue flowers (the original species), a green-leaved while flowered form (Duranta erecta 'Alba') and a variagated form (Duranta erecta 'Variegata') with speckled green and cream leaves.

Duranta is very tough, but has drawbacks. It is extremely vigorous and could quickly get out of hand of not strictly controlled. Some are very thorny. Copious berry production is also a worry, indicating weed potential. Note also that the berries are poisonous.

Hopefully, new cultivars will show improvements in these characteristics. If not, think seriously before planting Duranta.

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Duranta in the landscape

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Duranta erecta Duranta erecta Duranta erecta
Duranta erecta
Duranta erecta

white duranta white duranta
Duranta erecta 'Alba'

golden duranta golden duranta golden duranta
golden duranta golden duranta
Golden Duranta

Duranta Geisha Girl Duranta Geisha Girl Duranta Geisha Girl
Duranta Geisha Girl Duranta Geisha Girl
Duranta 'Geisha Girl'
Caper white butterflies feeding Duranta Geisha Girl Caper white butterflies feeding Duranta Geisha Girl Caper white butterflies feeding Duranta Geisha Girl
Duranta 'Geisha Girl' as a nectar source for caper white butterflies
difference in flower production between Golden and Geisha Girl varieties
Golden duranta (left hand side) and 'Geisha Girl' (right hand side) growing next to each other, showing difference in flower production

Duranta Variegata Aurea Duranta Variegata Aurea
A variegated cultivar, probably 'Variegata Aurea'

Duranta Aussie 2000 Duranta Aussie 2000
A variegated cultivar, probably 'Aussie 2000'
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