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Crucifix Orchids

Epidendrum species and hybrids

Family: Orchidaceae

They may have something of a negative image with some people, because of the association of the familiar orange variety with old and neglected gardens. But with many "old" super-tough plants like Agave and Sansevieria being rediscovered by garden designers, why not the Epidendrums? And they just don't come in orange!

Don't think of them as "orchids" (which, of course, they are), but as architecturally interesting plants producing long-lasting floral displays, and which will survive in pots or other difficult situations. Just make sure they get enough light to flower.

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Where to buy Crucifix Orchids in Qld

Garden centres sometimes carry plants of this group, but orchid nurseries (check the main Orchid page) are probably a better bet, especially for new and improved varieties.

Orchid societies' annual shows and other garden fairs and openings might also be a place to find plants to add to your collection. If you live in Qld, check this site's Events Diary.

Crucifix Orchids in the Landscape

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Epidendrum Epidendrum Epidendrum
Epidendrum Epidendrum Epidendrum
Epidendrum Epidendrum Epidendrum
Epidendrum Epidendrum Epidendrum
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