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Evolvulus glomeratus cultivars

Other Common Names: Blue eyes, sapphire blue, blue daze
Synonyms: Evolvulus pilosus
Family: Convolvulaceae

This reliable perennial has grey-green foliage and small blue flowers. There is also a white-flowered form.

It's a popular species for landscaping because of its toughness. It's used as a low shrubby plant in a mixed bed or planted en masse as a groundcover.

Like most flowering species it isn't suitable for constant clipping if you want to retain the flowers. However, it needs to be cut well back from time to time to keep it fresh and compact and looking good.

Evolvulus glomeratus is the currently accepted species name, but in Australia it's still widely sold under the name Evolvulus pilosus

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Evolvulus in the Landscape

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