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Hippeastrum species and hybrids

Family: Amaryllidaceae

Hippeastrum are tolerant of dry conditions and produce quite spectacular large flowers in spring. If you like flowers, be sure to try these easy to grow warm-climate bulbs in your Queensland garden.

Previously classified in the genus Amaryllis, they are still commonly known by this name overseas. Unfortunately, this can cause some confusion, especially as Amaryllis belladonna (commonly known as Belladonna Lily or Naked Lady because of their habit of sending up flowers before any leaves in spring) is also popular in cultivation. Hippeastrums are more likely to be encountered in Queensland, however.

Regular garden centres in warm parts of Qld may have some dry bulbs or potted Hippeastrum plants for sale. If you want to buy named cultivars, hard-to-get colours, rare species, seed, large numbers etc., you will need for seek out a bulb nursery that carries Hippeastrums.

Hippeastrums were discussed in more detail in the 22-10-2021 edition of Get Results Gardening. That's a weekly email publication for Australian gardeners, especially those in the tropical, subtropical and warm temperate parts of the country. If you request a free trial (see for instructions) you can ask for a copy of the Hippeastrum edition to be sent as well if you want to read the Hippeastrum article (Australian residents only, please).

Hippeastrum in the Landscape

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More images will be added over time. However, due to the decline of online advertising and the rise of content appropriation by bots, there won't be much more information about Hippeastrum added here in the foreseeable future. High quality content is now being saved for the email publication Get Results Gardening. if you live in Australia and would like to see a copy of the 22-10-2021 edition, which contained an article about Hippeastrums, ask for it in the body of your email message when yourequest a free trial. More information here:

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