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Hoya species and cultivars

These climbing or trailing plants are popular as potted specimens all over the world. In warm climates like most of Queensland, they can be grown outdoors in a well-lit position but protected from the strongest sun.

They're well known for their preference for being pot-bound. Another important characteristic of Hoyas is their habit of flowering from the same points year after year. Don't cut off spent flowers as you risk damaging the shoot (spur) from which they'll produce flowers next time.

More information in future updates. Meanwhile, check out the links below to explore the world of hoyas further.

Where to buy Hoyas

Many garden centres stock Hoyas, although you may have to seek out specialist growers or collectors if you wish to collect rare or unusual varieties. It may also be worth asking at native plant nurseries for Australian native Hoya species

If you operate a nursery (including online and mail order nurseries) that offers Hoya plants or seeds for sale in Qld, please get in touch for information about advertising on this site.

Other Information Online

The following links are for general information and research - some species or cultivars referred to in international links may be unavailable in Australia
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