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and Iris-like plants

Iris aren't generally considered ideal for Queensland, but gardeners wishing to try their hand should start with Iris tectorum if they can obtain it. Louisiana irises are also a possibility if suitable moisture can be provided (see links below for more cultural information).

Alternatively, try one of the Iris-like relatives.

Common landscaping plants like Dietes are readily available from garden centres, but true Iris may be harder to buy. Bagged rhizomes in the bulb section have potential quality issues and may be unsuited to the local climate. Keep an eye open at plant expos and garden club sales for locally-suited varieties. Ordering rhizomes from a good online nursery is your best bet for convenience, selection and quality.

Dietes and Moraea

Dietes bicolor Dietes bicolor Dietes bicolor
Dietes bicolor Dietes bicolor
Dietes bicolor

Dietes iridoides or D. grandiflora

Accumulation of dead leaves and flowers spoils the look of Dietes and similar clumping plants


Neomarica caerulea Neomarica caerulea
Neomarica caerulea
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