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Jacaranda mimosifolia and other Jacaranda species species, hybrids and cultivars

Family: Bignoniaceae

J. mimosifolia is a classic flowering tree of warm climates. It's common in Queensland and Northern NSW, although it is not a native. Germplasm Resources Information Network Species Records of Jacaranda lists J. acutifolia as a distinct species, while other references use it as a synonym of J. mimosifolia. Another synonym which may be seen in old texts is J. ovalifolia.

Unfortunately, J. mimosifolia is not suitable for small gardens, and we can expect to see fewer of these spectactular trees in urban landscapes as space becomes squeezed.

A couple of species which are also in the marketplace in Australia, but much harder to find, are Jacaranda semiserrata and Jacaranda caerulea. These could be more suitable for modern suburban landscapes. It's hoped to bring you more information about alternative Jacaranda species and cultivars on this page in the future.


Another jacaranda falls in New Farm Park

A fourth jacaranda in nine months has fallen in New Farm Park, Brisbane. Pruning and testing will continue with the aim of conserving remaining trees and protecting the public. All the fallen trees were from a group planted in 1914. More at the Brisbane City Council here: Tests continue for New Farm Park jacarandas(February 2008)

Where to buy Jacarandas

The common purple-flowered jacaranda should be readily available from most garden centres in regions where it grows.

If you require an extra-large specimen, you may need to contact a specialist advanced tree nursery. Check the following page: Advanced Plants.

Special varieties (e.g white, variegated) or unusual species of Jacaranda will be much be harder to locate.

If you operate a nursery offering rare or unusual types of Jacaranda (plants or seeds) to the public in Qld, learn more about advertising on this page here: Advertising information.

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Other species

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