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Jacaranda mimosifolia and other Jacaranda species species, hybrids and cultivars

Family: Bignoniaceae

J. mimosifolia is a classic flowering tree of warm climates. It's common in Queensland and Northern NSW, although it is not a native. Unfortunately, J. mimosifolia is not suitable for small gardens, and we can expect to see fewer of these spectactular trees in urban landscapes as space becomes squeezed.

Also, some people consider it to be a weed threat and that Australian natives should be preferentially planted in public places going forward.

There is an allegedly smaller-growing type on the market, but being relatively new, we are yet to see what it looks like in the long term.

Another variety that is often sought is the white jacaranda (previously sold as White Christmas). This has been extremely difficult to obtain in recent years. Don't expect to find it in your local garden centre anytime soon.

A couple of unusual species which are also in the marketplace in Australia, but much harder to find, are Jacaranda semiserrata and Jacaranda caerulea. These could be more suitable for modern suburban landscapes. It's hoped to bring you more information about alternative Jacaranda species and cultivars on this page in the future.

Jacarandas in the Queensland Landscape

There are plenty of good photographs of this internationally-grown tree on the internet if you you want to see what well-grown, mature jacarandas look like. The collection here will concentrate on highlighting their growth (and possible problems) in Queensland.

jacaranda White flowered jacaranda
August versus October (Brisbane)

White Jacaranda

White flowered jacaranda White flowered jacaranda White flowered jacaranda
grafted white jacaranda grafted white jacaranda grafted white jacaranda
grafted white jacaranda grafted white jacaranda
White flowered jacaranda. Unfortunately, the rootstock (purple flowers, thick trunks) is taking over

Purple Appreciation in Australia

Brisbane City Council listed some of its best jacaranda-filled streets and parks in the October 2021 Living in Brisbane newsletters. If you're a bit further west, take a look at Where to see Jacaranda blooms in Ipswich at the Discovery Ipswich website.

In fact, Goodna in Ipswich is one of the best places to view jacarandas in all of Southeast Queensland. Work gangs planted many trees there in 1932, during the Great Depression. Ipswich City Council has affirmed the value of these trees by planting 100 more, some replacing unhealthy or storm-damaged specimens. (see New jacarandas set to paint Ipswich purple).

The Goodna Jacaranda Festival is a community event in Ipswich inspired by the trees. You can learn more about it at Undoubtedly the ultimate jacaranda experience in Australia is to be had in the northern NSW town of Grafton. Famous for its extensive street plantings and a Jacaranda Festival that was first staged in 1935, it's the place to go to celebrate purple on a grand scale. Learn more about the Grafton Jacaranda Festival at

Older News

Another jacaranda falls in New Farm Park

A fourth jacaranda in nine months has fallen in New Farm Park, Brisbane. Pruning and testing will continue with the aim of conserving remaining trees and protecting the public. All the fallen trees were from a group planted in 1914. More at the Brisbane City Council here: Tests continue for New Farm Park jacarandas (February 2008)

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