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This page is for information on businesses offering lawn services in Qld including mowing or slashing, preparation and laying of turf, lawn care and maintenance (fertilisation, aeration, soil conditioning etc), consultants and other turf specialists.

Turf farms are dealt with on another page: Turf Suppliers. Lawnmowing equipment at
Weeds don't play fair

A study of Digitaria sanguinalis, the common weed of lawns and field commonly called "crabgrass", has shown that there's more to its success than simple competition. Chemicals from Digitaria caused changes in nearby soil microbes which reduced growth of test crops. The allelopathic chemicals could also directly affect other plants. Source: Crabgrass' secret: The despised weed makes herbicide to kill neighboring plants (June 2013)

Fungicide could cut down lawnmowing
A fungicide used, among other things, to treat dollar spot of turf could be used to increase efficiency of crops like corn. It was previously known that interfering with steroid biosynthesis could produce dwarf, female-flowering com plants, but the chemical required was far too expensive for practical use. American researchers, however, have found that the fungicide propiconazole is far cheaper. Testing on other grains is planned. It's also possible that greater use on golf courses could slow grass growth and save cutting costs. Source: Tiny plants could cut costs, shrink environmental footprint (May 2012)
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Lawn and Turf Services in Qld

For the most up-to-date information on opening hours, items in stock, prices etc, be sure to contact the business directly. Includes businesses in the southern suburbs or servicing the region.

Gold Coast
Mob 0421 175 166

Endemic Landscapes offers complete landscaping solutions, from consultancy and design to quality construction.

Whether small-scale makeover, garden renovation or new landscape, call Nick for a free initial consultation in a language you can understand.

Nick's knowledge of local plants and soils is paramount to ensuring your garden not only looks great on completion but thrives for you to enjoy for many years to come.

Retaining walls, driveways, fencing, irrigation, water features and turf included in the range of residential and commercial services offered. QBCC Licence No 1302629.

Servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern NSW. Visit the WEBSITE for more information.

For the most up-to-date information on services offered, prices etc, be sure to contact the business directly.

Are you a lawn mower man (or woman)? If you're involved in providing lawnmowing or services related to turf (consultation, laying, maintenance such as spraying (weeds, pests, diseases) coring or aeration, topdressing, levelling, drainage) in Queensland (including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Caboolture Shire, Pine Rivers Shire, Redcliffe, Redland Shire, Ipswich, Logan City, Beaudesert Shire, Boonah Shire, Laidley Shire, Esk Shire, Gatton Shire, Kilcoy Shire) you may promote your services on this page. More information about advertising here.

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More Information

The Queensland Turf Producers Association (see their Turfgrass Quick Tips) recommends mowing an established lawn no lower than 30mm in the warm months and 50mm in the cool months. The Qld Dept of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry give a more detailed set of recommendations for specific turf types on their page Turning grass into lawn: Mowing tips.

With the ability to water lawns these days hampered by either restrictions or expense (or both) water conservation has to be a big consideration in the maintenance of a lush lawn. The Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management (Maintaining your lawn, a water efficient gardening guide) suggest that sharp and properly balanced mower blades will minimise water loss from the cut leaves because the cut surfaces will heal faster.

An environmentally-friendly way to deal with lawn clippings is to use them for mulch (mulching mowers will return them directly to the lawn) or making compost. This will also save you money on disposal costs and bought mulches. However, if you don't want to re-use your clippings, note that many councils in Queensland have introduced green waste bins, which may be available for an extra charge. Consult your local council for more information. Links to many council websites are provided on the Regional pages.

Older News

Gold Coast nature strip mowing
Under a proposed new policy, residents who are unable to mow their nature strips or arrange to have them mown, will have to apply annually to have the Gold Coast City Council perform the service. More information at their website: Revised policy on nature strip mowing (December 2010)

Keep yourself tidy
Gladstone Regional Council are reminding residents and absentee land owners that while it can be difficult keeping on top of maintence tasks during a rainy season, they have a responsibility to keep their properties tidy. If owners of unkempt properties are issued with a notice by Council and they fail to comply, they may be liable for a fine plus the cost of mowing. Read more at the Gladstone Regional Council website: Onus is on owners to maintain tidy properties (PDF)(December 2010)

Keep the green stuff
Instead of taking green waste to the dump, Moreton Bay Regional Council wants lawnmowing and gardening service providers to encourage composting at clients' properties. This has environmental advantages, reduces the need for landfill and represents cost savings for contractors. Source: Council encourages contractors to compost green waste (July, 2008)
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