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When renovating your home, don't neglect the mail box. It's upfront facing the street and usually in a prominent postition next to the main entrance. It's a part of that all-important first impression.

Some people like to match their letter box to the style of their houses, others like to be a bit different. Or a lot different, with quirky designs. But don't foget it's main pupose is a safe and secure place for your mail.

It has to be functional - easy for both you and the postal delivery service to get access to, able to take all your mail (including junk mail, newspapers etc), lockable if necessary, weatherproof and durable. And don't forget a prominent house number - it could save your life! (... continued below)

Places to buy of letterboxes and house numbers

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Brisbane store:
Southside Letterbox Shop and Accessories
39 Cavendish Road,
Coorparoo, Qld 4151
Ph: (07) 3397 1966
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Mailmaster is Australia's largest online letterbox shop, offering fast and reliable service at competitive prices.

Designs are available in a huge range of styles and colours for residential and commercial properties. Complete your new letterbox with a new house number available from Mailmaster in a variety of styles.

You can also purchase the Mailmaster range from Southside Letterbox Shop and Accessories, Coorparoo, Brisbane.

To locate an artist or craftsperson (e.g. for a custom-made house sign or number), you can also try the page dealing with Garden Art and Decorative Accessories

Suppliers of Garden Lighting might be alternative sources for illuminated house numbers, or lights to shine on your existing house numbers.

If you sell letterboxes or house numbers and signage in or to Qld residents and you're interested in appearing on this page, click here: Information for advertisers.

More Information

Because you rarely deliver mail to your own letterbox, you might not realise how inconvenient it is for postal workers to find your box and deliver mail safely. Check the Australia Post letterbox requirements at the Australia Post website for recommendations for letter box dimensions, placement and security.

And how often do you you view your own property from the footpath or across the street and see how the letterbox as other people see it. Is your cheap, wonky letterbox saying something about you? What is it saying about the value of your home to potential buyers that come to visit or see it in an advertisement?

A low-key but practical and stylish mailbox is one option. However, If you have a theme going in the garden (e.g. Balinese) you may be able to find a more decorative letterbox that combines art and function and enhances your theme rather than detracts from it.

A letterbox number and/or house number that's clearly visible both day and night is very important too. In an emergency, it may make all the difference! Hard-to-find numbers are also a chronic problem for anyone routinely making house calls or deliveries. The community ultimately pays for the additional stress, fatigue and inefficiencies that result.

Make your letterbox number obvious and unambiguous. Clean off overhanging vegetation, repaint it, or replace if necessary. Maybe even install more than one (one for the house and one for the letterbox).

You may even want to think about getting an illuminated house number. Self-contained battery-powered or solar-powered house numbers avoid having to connect to a mains electricity supply. Glow-in the-dark numbers are another alternative, althought the strength and duration of glow must be considered.

Naming your house might not be as popular as it used to be, but why not? Then you can put it on a sign decorated in keeping with the design of your house or garden. You'll find an "ideas generator" for property names on a tropical theme here: Name your Tropilocus. You may need to find an artist to make the plaque for you if you're not confident in your own abilities. (See Garden Art)
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