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Metrosideros species, hybrids and cultivars

Family: Myrtaceae

If you want to learn more about Metrosideros, see links section below. Bear in mind that some information may not be directly relevant to conditions in Qld. More to come to this page in future updates


Australia gave NZ pohutukawa

Rata species and the revered pohutukawa (AKA New Zealand Christmas bush all belong to Metrosideros. Native members of this genus are found throughout the Southern Hemisphere, except for Australia. Fossil evidence from Tasmania showed it once occurred here, too. Newly discovered fossil species of Metrosideros now suggest that the genus first evolved in Australia. Why these species subsequently became extinct is unknown. Source: Australian origin likely for iconic New Zealand tree (June 2017)

Myrtle rust a threat to Metrosideros

This disease attacks a wide variety of plants in the family Myrtaceae. It was first detected in NSW in 2010, but has since been identified in many locations in Qld. For more information on the disease and up-to-date information concerning reporting obligations and quarantine restrictions, visit the Biosecurity Queensland website.

More Online Information

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