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Weevil Lily

Molineria capitulata

Other Common Names: Palm grass
Synonyms: Curculigo recurvata, Curculigo capitulata
Family: Hypoxidaceae

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Weevil Lily in the Landscape

These photographs are provided to help you identify this plant if you have it in your garden or give an indication of how you might locate it in a landscape if you don't already grow it. Click for larger images.

Molineria capitulata Molineria capitulata Molineria capitulata
Molineria capitulata Molineria capitulata Molineria capitulata
Examples of Molineria capitulata in various locations in Brisbane

Molineria capitulata Molineria capitulata
This spot doesn't have much shade and the leaves appear to be suffering as a result
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