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Mondo Grass and Liriope

Ophiopogon and Liriope species & cultivars

Family: Asparagaceae

Mondo grass has become very popular in recent years, for good reason. Mondo is an easy-to-grow and easy-care edging / groundcover with strappy grass-like leaves. Its adapatble to a variety of garden styles including contemporary, Japanese and Balinese/tropical.

Liriope is like a larger version of mondo grass. Note that there are some cultivars which form a neat clump but others which spread. There are also a range of foliage and flower variations amongst the varieties.

Where to buy Mondo Grass and Liriopes? Home gardeners are likely to find a selection of varieties on sale in their local garden centres. They're usually sold in individual pots, but mondo grass is sometimes available in strips or slabs from specialist suppliers. These may be harder to find, but could be worth looking for if you're planning a big landscaping project and want fast results.

This group, collectively referred to as "liriopogons" were discussed in more detail in the 03-03-2023 edition of Get Results Gardening. That's a weekly email publication for Australians, with a particular emphasis on subtropical SEQld/NNSW. If you request a free trial (see for instructions) you can ask for a copy of the 03-03-2023 edition to be sent also, if you want to read the liriopogon article (Australian residents only).

Liriopes & mondo grasses in the landscape

More pictures will be added over time. They should help you understand the growth habit of plants in this group and the kind of landscape situations you might use them in. All photographs taken in Brisbane. Click for larger images.

Mondo grass ( Ophiopogon)

liriope liriope liriope
liriope liriope
Unidentified Liriope cultivars
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